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My Little Brother And The Planetarium

My little brother is obsessed and I mean obsessed with stars and anything solar system
orientated. One of his most treasured possessions was the globe that lit up in his room,
oh and his telescope. If he wasn’t watching something on you tube about the galaxy, he
was looking at it through his telescope! So we decided to treat him to a place we knew
he would love. The Planetarium in London. My brother was six at the time we took him
to the Planetarium.

I remember that day so well. My mum was like Lizzy go and get your brother ready and I
mean give him a bath and everything. I was like second Mama! I didn’t want to be but
on some level I liked looking after my little bro. He was the cutest thing ever. He looked
like a little science nerd. Thick black curly hair (like a mini afro) and black thick glasses as
he was near-sighted, I was far sighted – I sometimes called us Tweddle Dee and Tweedle
Dum. He also loved Alice in wonderland so loved that reference.

I ran him a hot bath and scrubbed that little galaxy loving monster clean. I used some of
my Tea Tree oil Shampoo by Maple Holistics on his hair and he loved it. He said it made his hair tingle and he would giggle. I quickly got him dressed soon after and put on his rocket tee-shirt and woolly jumper, jeans and little boots. Oh he looked so cute. He had no idea where he
was going. We jumped in the car, my dad, me, my mum and my little brother. He had no
idea and was so excited. We told him it was especially for him. My brother had suffered
Leukemia when he was just four and had beaten it but we can never be too careful. He’s
a strong little monkey, I either call him my little space monkey or my little monster
because well… he can be!

We arrived at the museum at around 11am. The que was a bit long but it was moving.
My brother still had no idea until we entered and he saw all the planets on the wall. He
lit up so brightly that I will never forget that moment. We spent about four hours or so
in the museum and we saw a few shows that you had to pay a little extra for but he the
look on his face was worth it.

Afterwards we all got a bite to eat at Pizza Express. We all loved Pizza Express. My
brother loves the four cheeses and I am a Vegan Giardiniera kind of girl; Artichoke’s,
Mushroom’s, Onion’s and Black Olives with a Tomato base and Vegan Mozzarella – Yum.
We usually share Dough Balls and Garlic Bread and my mum always pushes for salads on
the table and we pushed for chips! It was such a great adventure out. We got home
around 8pm in the evening. My brother slept like a little king that night. A good family
day I shall never forget.

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