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Flavor of Love Season 3

Flavor Flav was a hype man in a rap group, he has been on a variety of reality shows since his rap career ended. He found a girl on the first reality show he was on which was called celebreality. He then had another reality show afterwards that was with him and the women he met on the last show. She dumped him because he is a rather vulgar individual. So he got another show that was to help him get a wife. It was essentially the trashy ghetto version of the bachelor. The women on the bachelor are far from classy, but at least they try and pretend that they have a little bit of class. The girls on flavor of love started out really trashy on season one and only get trashier as the seasons go on. After watching season one you wouldn’t think that the contestants could get any trashier. They all seem like strippers or ladies of the evening. Even more than that they acted with zero class on the show. One of the girls literally spit into another one of the girls faces.

Flav isn’t the best looking guy or the classiest guy, so the women are not the best looking either. They definitely do not get better looking as the seasons go on, nor do they get classier. The final season, season 3 was the peak of ugly women with no class fighting each other for the affection of an aging rapper with several illegitimate children. One of the contestants literally said she thought that Flavor Flav was an ugly man.

It is so obvious through the body language of the girls on the show most of them were not romantically interested in Flavor Flav. He invited one to spend the night with him. You could see she really didn’t want to go with him, she was taking little steps and really didn’t want to kiss him while they were in bed together. Shocking that none of these relationships worked out.

These women also had to do humiliating competitions against each other so they can get dates with Flavor Flav. The would mostly dress very inappropriately in order to get more attention from him, essentially whoring themselves out. The entire show was shown on cable so children could watch this garbage. And today we wonder why kids are so messed up. They grew up watching garbage reality TV. They think that is how people should act and how they should treat other people.

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