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When the movie Heat came out, I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to see. I walked into that movie theatre looking for a good action flick. I got it. Not only did I get it, but I got it with DeNiro and Paccino, and a slew of other great actors, which make this movie great. Is it a movie that I had to see on a big screen? No, not necessarily. But I wanted to, and I got a great payoff. While it isn’t the kind of movie I had to see in the cinema, it was certainly the kind which was magnified the experience.

So I sat there in the dark and watched this rather long movie, with a buddy or maybe one of my brothers. I don’t recall, honestly. I remember that I really enjoyed it. And I remember thinking to myself that it is the kind of movie that could certainly use the addition of popcorn and beer. I don’t usually do this. Most of the time, when I go to the cinema, I go there because it is a movie that seriously merits a comfy chair, a big screen, surround sound, and a darkened room.

By the time the different characters are done with their introduction and exposition, and it is a good 30 minutes into the film, you get the pace of it. And the action scenes – particularly the heist that starts off the film – are pretty legendary. And it makes up for the somewhat slower pace. Nowadays, I don’t know if you could get away with an action film with this kind of pace. There is this balancing, a kind of juggling act, which the movie tries to be or is. It is a movie which attempts to be a drama, an action flick, and a crime thriller. The only way you will get all three, is if it properly written and brilliantly directed and executed. Heat manages to achieve this, in my opinion. It delivers a punch and a kick to your midsection with real drama. Good guys and bad guys, blurring the lines between action, crime, and everyday conflict. The nature of criminals is a lot about pathologies, but even hardened criminals can fall in and out of love. They certainly have a flare for revenge and causing chaos and mayham.

Heat is a great movie, and whether or not it could be pulled off nowdays is, thankfully, irrelevant.

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