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What Is Best For My Hair

As humans have progressed our lives and worlds have become more and more complex and complicated. What we think will ultimately benefit us is later found to be our downfall or at least a stumbling block. This is true in many aspects of life and today I will focus on one, mainly hair care and body. Hair care is a billion dollar industry. People obsess over their hair and with good reason. Hair is the part of your body everyone sees and is a major form of judgement. There are so many hair types and how you carry your hair can make people think different things about you. For instance if you have messy hair people may think you are lazy or jobless or even worse, a hippy. Women with long hair are considered sexy while women with short hair are considered lesbians. It is crucial we make a statement with our hair otherwise there is no point in having it. Some people don’t have it, meaning they go bald and one natural way to prevent that is by using castor oil. Although not scientifically proven there have been many cases where castor oil has help to prevent hair loss and even promoted hair growth. This is why any cosmetic company worth their weight makes a good bottle of castor oil. My favorite is made by Maple Holistics. It just is a wonderful and pure bottle of oil I enjoy using on a daily basis.

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Because hair and cosmetics is such a huge industry there are many people who want a piece of the pie and in today’s market there are many small businesses competing with the big guns. Most of these companies offer something unique to the industry, mainly natural ingredients and a DIY aesthetic. Proper hair care is an experience and not something people want to skimp on. They want a product that works and that they can trust to give their hair that look that turns people’s heads. One way of achieving that is by adding essential oils to the mixture. Essential oils are extracted from the seeds or plants. The way they extract the oils is different for each variety but the bottom line is that these oils are jammed packed with good nutrients that enrich your skin and hair unlike anything else. Native peoples from the continents knew all about this and it is only now that we in the western world are waking up to these new ways to clean our hair.

Look you shouldn’t wash your hair more than twice a week if you were to ask me. Washing your hair too often can strip it of its natural oils and cause more harm than good. The over washed skin can become dry and flaky and even at times itchy which is the worst combo you can imagine or know. SO when you shampoo only do it twice a week and leave your hair alone for the most part. It is like a plant that needs water and then to be left alone.  Tea Tree Oil Conditioner by Maple Holistics on Amazon

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