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The Beauty Of Purple Shampoo

I have used so many hair care products over the years. Some more than others. Sometimes, my mother would buy something for me, and I would feel obligated to use it. I don’t know, I am weird that way. Regardless, there is one product which has been consistent. Well, two. The first is my everyday shampoo, which is the classic head and shoulders, and the second is my Clairol purple shampoo (MapleHolistics.com).

I discovered purple shampoo relatively late, I guess. Until a friend mentioned it to me, I had no real idea that such a thing existed. When I started using it, it felt so very obvious there would be such a product. Leave it to science to find solutions for healthier-looking hair, right? Definitely.

So, purple shampoo works like this: if you have tones in your hair which are with an orange/too-yellow tint, you apply purple shampoo or conditioner to the hair. These kinds of products, purple products, are not meant to be used every day. They are something else, because they have dye in them. Only used as maintenance or active solution for harsher tones. Those who use purple shampoo too often, may find that they are doing their hair – and themselves – harm. It is best avoided. Better to not use it at all and have brassy hair, than overuse it and end up with hair which looks bad. Just bad.

Speaking of bad things…. A lot of the products out there, and this includes all kinds of purple shampoos, incorporate potentially-dangerous ingredients into their formula. Harsh detergents, latheres, and artificial fragrances are some of the more popular ones. You purchase hair care products to take care of your hair, but wind up causing it even more harm, overall.

Obviously, I can’t generalize and move everything under that umbrella, but so many beauty and cosmetic products have such unhealthy ingredients…It really gets to me sometimes, how certain companies snare their consumers with their marketing and advertising, and don’t care about what their consumers are putting into their bodies. Or maybe I am blowing it completely out of proportion. I am not sure, to be honest.

Purple shampoos have an advantagege here over other hair care products. Because it is only used occasionally, it isn’t at all like other shampoos, conditioners, creams, masks, or anything else you may use on a daily basis. If you find a purple product which helps with your brass issues, but also contains some ingredients which may be harmful, weigh the positive and negative. Think of price, too.

If there was a way to just go POOF and have sunny golden blonde hair– well, I guess we would all be doing that. But that is not the case. Once you dye your hair, ideally you wouldn’t want to be back at the salon or the pharmacy for at least several months. I know that is the case with me, anyway. Purple shampoo allows you to keep your blonde hair throughout those in between times.

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