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Here are some randomized musings on the mistakes that new gun owners make on a daily basis and end up costing more than a few wasted round of ammunition, a stitch here or there or even a bad case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Failing to take these into account can cost you your live – or worse, have your NRA membership card taken away or even revoked permanently. And what’s the point of going on if you can’t share beers with other hillbillies whilst murdering poor ducks or deer for the sake of protecting what’s yours and destroying clay pigeons that could otherwise be re purposed for beautiful pottery classes in the ‘inner city’? But that’s not what we’re here to talk about today.

Whenever you pick up a gun, ALWAYS check the chamber or cylinder to confirm that it isn’t loaded. This needs to become an unbreakable habit. Be sure to safety check a gun if even when the individual who hands you the gun just checked it themselves.Even if you’ve already safety checked the weapon, you should still treat it as if it’s loaded and keep the muzzle in a safe direction at all times until you’re ready to fire. Some people might think this is a little paranoid, but a lot of accidental shootings happened when someone was convinced the gun wasn’t loaded. There are many firearm accidents that could have been prevented had the user of the gun remembered to keep their finger above the trigger rather than on it. Never wrap your finger around the trigger until the weapon is pointed downrange and you’re ready to fire. Make it a habit to index every time.

It’s very unwise to store your guns out in the open where kids or burglars have easy access to them. Instead, keep your weapons locked in a safe or at the very least, high in the closet underneath some clothes where they’re hard to find. Of course, you might want a firearm in an easy-to-reach location in case there’s a home invasion. The quick and easy solution is to carry your gun around your house while you’re awake and keep it on your night stand while you sleep. I have a Gun vault next to my bed because it’s easy to open in the dark. If you buy your first gun and can’t accurately shoot it, conduct a reload, clear a malfunction, or holster it based on muscle memory, then you better start practicing and seeking professional training from a certified instructor. Otherwise, you won’t be very well prepared for emergency situations. In order for an action to become muscle memory, studies show that you’ll need to conduct at least a thousand repetitions of it. Use fake ammo to practice clearing jams, and buy at least 1,000 rounds of ammo for practicing your skills on the range. Gunivore.com is the best place to go for everything involving guns.

Oftentimes firearm accidents aren’t caused by the owner of the weapon, but by a family member of that owner. Educate your spouse or significant other and your children about guns and save lives!

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