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The Glock 19 Gen 4

My favorite hand gun is the Glock 19 Gen 4, some people say that it is too bulky and boxy. But I am a huge fan of the glocks and also I don’t really care about the look of a gun I just care about how it works.

When opening the box after purchasing the glock 19 gen 4 (Gunivore.com), we realize that it finally comes with three magazines. Two inside the box and one inside the glock itself. One thing that I really like about the way the clips are made for the glock 19 is that they are double clips which means that they have the rounds side by side in twos totaling to a fifteen round clip. This allows the already boxy glock 19 to be more compact and easier to conceal. Although due to the way that the clips are manufactured is a huge reason why people complain about the bulkiness of the gun when carrying it in a firing range because it fills up the hands to much and can be uncomfortable for those with smaller hands.

Due to the bulk of the gun the next thing that comes with the glock 19 is interchangeable handles for those that have trouble holding the gun because it is so boxy. This is a huge deal for those that like the glock but are scared to handle it because it is too big. After all of that it comes with cloth and a cleaning rod as well as a manual which is all standard.

What intrigued me about the Glock 19 gen 4 originally was the fact that the navy seals decided to take it up as their primary concealed handgun. For me when the most elite in the United States military decide to take up a new g un as their primary handgun than I feel it’s my duty to start paying attention to the glock 19 gen 4.

When you look at the sites of the glock 19 gen 4, they are polymer and standard issue. Most people buy new sites for their glock 19 because the standard issue ones are more geared to military and law enforcement as a quick draw self-defense site and are primarily not used for marksmanship or long range firing. Of course I’m not saying that you can’t shoot from long range with the sites this gun comes with but you have to be pretty damn good to be able to pull that off.

If you are using this gun for self-defense than it is perfect as it comes out of the box because it comes with the three clips and the perfect sites meant for self-defense purposes. Although I would recommend taking it to the range and checking out how it feels and learn all you can about the gun how to clean it how to use it and everything. That way when you run into trouble you will know exactly what you need to do. Overall this is a great gun that I highly recommend and it will cost you more or less $560.

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